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The Chapel & Spiritual Garden


The Chapel is at the heart of Trinity School, and is a place where all are welcomed and made to feel at home. We are privileged to have a Chaplain, Reverend Alison Healy, whose calm acceptance makes those who visit the Chapel, pupils or staff, feel the nurturing love of Christ. 

The Chapel is light, peaceful and an ideal special place where pupils and staff alike can pause, reflect, pray or simply 'be'. The Chapel is open during the school day for quiet reflection, and hosts weekly meditation, clubs and Eucharistic services. It is a center for spirituality worked out in art and a place where those not of the Christian faith can make their daily prayers. 

The Chaplain also plays key role in the Pastoral life of the school. She works with individual pupils and small groups to contribute to the various avenues of support that are available to our students here at Trinity. Rev'd Alison may also attend lessons in order to support pupils who may be struggling and to help facilitate their learning. 

Rev'd Alison brings a wealth of experience to the role, having worked previously in Psychiatric Nursing, Social Work, as a Dance & Movement Therapist, and as a Family Liaison Counsellor in Secondary Schools. She also continues to serve in a local parish. 


A week in the Chapel...



Monday lunchtimes see pupils and staff come together for guided meditation. Reflective music is played and Rev'd Alison leads the group through a meditative journey, after which all emerge feeling energised and refreshed. 

This is also offered to pupils at certain points in the year if they are feeling particularly stressed, such as during exam season. 



Tuesday lunchtimes sees the 'Explorers Club' come together and meet. This is an opportunity to get creative in exploring the vision of Trinity School, incorporating who we are, why are we here and how then do we live?

Miss Handyside, Mrs Keenan and Mrs Siney work alongside Rev'd Alison for these sessions, which involve a range of activities including quizzes, arts & crafts, dance, drama, poetry, music and singing. It includes Bible study, exploring The Parables of Jesus, the Ten Commandments and the books of the Bible. 

The Explorers play a pivotal role in Worship across the school, and are involved in all major festivals throughout the year - they particularly enjoy being part of the Eucharistic Services that help define whom we are as a school. 


Wednesday lunchtime sees the weekly Eucharist service held in the Chapel. It is a time of quiet reflection and peaceful cooperation to our service, and is open to all students.


Thursday lunchtime is our popular 'chat 'n' chill' session, unless there is a particular event or service that is being prepared for! It is an opportunity for pupils and staff to engage in talking to each other, playing board games, or completing quiet colouring reflections. 


The Chapel really is the place to be, at the heart of the school.


The Spiritual Garden



Trinity School is very fortunate to have its own 'Spiritual Garden'. At the centre of the school, overlooked by The Chapel, the Garden is a peaceful environment where pupils can relax, reflect and recuperate.


The Garden has increasingly been used for Services, and came into its own last November as Trinity became involved with the 'There but Not There' silhouettes to commemorate One Hundred years since the end of The Great War in 1918.


The whole school got involved and a series of services were held for each year group in this space. Our students were generous with their time and efforts to honour the fallen. They were particularly moved by the stories from people in this local area who served and that some boys of their own age went off to fight in great excitement and those who did not come home.

We are hoping to carry developing our Spiritual Garden this next year with more services and several artistic projects and the planting of ‘Biblical’ foliage and goods and a ‘Bible Trail’.