I would like to welcome you to Trinity School, a school which was described by Anglican Schools inspectors as ‘an outstanding Church of England secondary school’.

Trinity School is the only Church of England secondary school in the London Borough of Bexley and has a reputation for commitment to students of all abilities and a renowned level of pastoral care. This is the result of a stable, dedicated and highly effective team of staff ensuring that pupils have every opportunity to succeed in a huge variety of activities in and out of the classroom. Trinity became an academy in April 2011.

Trinity is a school with a strong Christian ethos and our Christian Values of Hope, Compassion and Forgiveness bring a central spiritual and moral dimension to all that we do. The Act of Worship, Eucharist and prayer meetings serve to confirm and support work in the classroom and our expectations of students including those belonging to other faith communities. Anglican Schools inspectors said: “Students confidently and sensitively discuss matters of faith and belief, and their understanding of religious issues supports community cohesion”.

Simon Godden, Principal

"The school is a happy, purposeful and inclusive Christian Community"

Ofsted 2016