The Head of Department is Mr White


Our department Bible verse is: “Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?” (Galatians 4:16)

Key Stage 4

The media studies department runs the OCR (9-1) GCSE course. This course is framed around 4 key areas; Media language – how media communicate meaning. Media representation – how events, individuals, groups and issues are represented in the media. Media industries – the products of the media are made, marketed and shown to the audience. Media audiences – how products are made to appeal to different audiences and how they are interpreted by these audiences.

Media Studies GCSE

Media Studies helps us understand the information that is passed to us through a variety of media; film, radio, magazines, newspapers and the internet. Through this programme we intend to develop, in pupils, an understanding of the mediated world in which they live. To differentiate between the virtual and the real. Students will develop the skills to evaluate the media and its ability to distort and manipulate the truth. As part of this process pupils will learn the skills of a media analyst by deconstructing existing media products, to infer their meanings and the techniques used to convey these messages. Pupils will also learn the skills of a media producer by applying this knowledge to construct their own media product that effectively targets a specific audience.