Acts of Worship are a vital part of our Christian journey. Based on the foundation of our Christian Values, our worship seeks to explore ideas and concepts which help to engage, ground and quieten pupils before lessons begin.

Our worship often includes the Trinity School Prayer:

Lord Jesus,
Help us to love one another, at Trinity School, as you loved us.
Give us the humility to forgive,
the compassion to make a difference to those who suffer
and the faith to hope for a better world.
May your Spirit guide all who learn and teach in our school community.
Be present in our hearts so we may grow in your love.
In Jesus'name


Acts of Worship are scheduled to take place each week as follows:

Monday            Main Hall Y7&8              Dining Hall Y10       Westminster Hall Y13

Tuesday            Main Hall Y9&10            Dining Hall Y8         Westminster Hall Y12

Wednesday      Main Hall Y11,12,13       Dining Hall Y7

Thursday          Main Hall Y7&8               Dining Hall Y9         Westminster Hall Y11

Friday               Main Hall Y9&10


They are varied in content and tone, led by the Chaplain, other staff, tutor groups or external speakers. Termly celebration Acts of Worship allow pupils to offer their own talents to God. At Christmas and Easter year group services are held at a local Anglican church.

Pupils who are not in collective worship in one of these venues join with an Act of Worship held in their tutor room, and another time of reflection takes place for all pupils in their tutor rooms during afternoon registration. 

More detailed information is available in our Collective Worship Policy which can be found here.

Right to Withdrawal


We expect all children to attend Acts of Worship. However, any parent can request permission for their child to be excused from religious worship, and the school will make alternative arrangements for the supervision of the child during that time. Parents do not have to explain or give reasons for their request. This right of withdrawal complies with the 1944 Education Act, and was restated in the 1988 Education Reform Act.