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    School Council

    School Council

    At Trinity School, we believe that a successful School Council is integral to nurturing responsible and pro-active young people. The School Council aims to work with staff and pupils to provide excellent facilities and constantly improve the experience for everybody by making it a friendly, supportive, learning environment where students are valued and make positive contributions to the school’s decisions.

    Who is responsible for the running of the School Council?

    The Head Boy and Head Girl are responsible for leading the meetings, overseen by Mrs McMahon.

    Pupil Voice is something we hold very dear at Trinity School. Over the years the School Council has had an impact on many aspects of school life. They have been involved in meetings with our catering company, contributed to our cycle policy, participated in the design process of the dome structures, requested and oversaw the implementation of additional bins and benches around the school site, selected charities to support and represented the school at many events, both small and large.

    When do we meet?

    Our School Council meets fortnightly, normally on Wednesday’s during lunchtime. Two pupils from every year (Year Reps) represent both their own year group and the school on the School Council.

    Who is chosen?

    Two pupils are selected from each class through democratic vote. They take whole school issues/ideas from their own class councils back to the School Council.

    What is Class Council?

    Each class in the school holds their own Class Council usually once every half term.  It takes place during tutor period and follows a formal structure.  Many of the pupils in the class hold positions of responsibility and take their jobs very seriously. Decisions made in the classroom have a real impact on the rest of the school. The School Council Tutor Reps then feedback all ideas and suggestions back to the Year Reps who will eventually feedback to the Principal.