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    Pupil Premium

    Pupil Premium

    Pupil Premium Statement for the academic year 2016-17

    The Pupil Premium Grant is additional funding intended to support specific groups: those that currently receive, or have over the last six years, received free school meals and Looked after Children. Further details of the background of the Pupil Premium Grant can be found on the Department for Education Website.

    The Grant is allocated to targeted interventions with the intention of enhancing the learning, progress and inclusion of those entitled alongside supporting pupils’ self-esteem and sense of wellbeing.

    Pupils eligible for Pupil Premium are prioritised for interventions and the participation of this group is significantly and disproportionately high. The progress of this group is scrutinised regularly through data collections and the reporting system and support is put in place where pupils are identified as failing to make sound progress.

    The Personal Education Plan for Looked After Children focuses on how the Pupil Premium will be used to ensure targets are met.

    Last Academic year (2015-16) Trinity had 222 pupils (inc.10 PP+) eligible for Pupil Premium equating to £182,325.  In order to improve pupil progress, the greater part of the sum was spent on targeted teaching and educational support including literacy support through phonic programmes, revision sessions and additional out of school hours activities, one to one tuition, pastoral support. Further support was also provided with trips, activities and special projects.

    The outcomes for these pupils, as demonstrated in our attainment data, were similar to national benchmarking. The progress was reviewed regularly to assess impact and value for money.

    Our allocation was used as follows:

    Teaching support                   £6004.72

    Learning Support                   £33,560

     (Through the Learning Support Programmes)   

    One 2 One tuition                 £19,680

    Including small group tuition, phonics and accelerated reading scheme

    Revision Classes                   £28,200

    Resources (including ICT)    £491.79

    Trips and Visits                     £1359

    Musical tuition                      £920

    Welfare                                  £82.50

    Headline figures from 2015 -16 GCSE results:


    Whole Cohort

    Pupil Premium Cohort Before Intervention

    Pupil Premium Cohort After Intervention

    5A*- C




    5A* - G




    5A*- C including English and Maths




    English 3+ levels of progress




    Maths 3+ levels of progress




    The budget for this academic year 2016 – 2017 is £214,415; allocation has grown incrementally. Trinity has 200 (inc.8 PP+) eligible for Pupil Premium. The funding will be spent on a range of targeted interventions in order to ensure this group will fulfil their potential. Greater emphases will be placed on narrowing the gap and raising attainment at GCSE particularly in English and Maths. Subsequently a higher percentage of the budget will finance specific interventions in this area, including small group work and one to one tuition.