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    Modern Languages

    Modern Languages: Head of Department: Miss D Curtis

    At Trinity School, pupils learn either French or German from Year 7 through to Year 11. Almost all pupils are expected to study one modern foreign language to GCSE level. This is because languages are highly prized and the skills that language learning develops are a real plus to an employer. Did you know that modern language graduates are amongst the most employable people? They work in business, banking, communications, the travel industry and marketing.

    In language lessons at Trinity, pupils are taught the basic building blocks of the language, including grammar and vocabulary, and how to pronounce words and phrases correctly. Other language skills taught include how to listen carefully, how to ask and answer questions, how to start conversations and how to read texts for information. Pupils are also taught the skills they need to develop their learning, for example they are taught how to memorise words and phrases and how to use a dictionary effectively. Pupils practise using the language in different types of situations, for example talking with other pupils and with the teacher, writing letters and emails and reading for personal interest as well as for information.

    Key Stage Three

    At Key Stage 3 pupils have 6 lessons a fortnight and cover a whole range of topics and they are also regularly assessed in all four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). Some of the topics covered are listed below:

    Personal Details, Family, Home Life, Hobbies and Free Time, Town, School, Pocket Money, Shopping, Clothes, Health, Food and Drink, Life in other countries (especially French/German speaking ones)

    Key Stage Four

    Students currently in Year 11 will be the first cohort to take the brand new MFL GCSE Specification. We will be using the AQA Examination Board. The course occupies 10% of the timetable which means 4 lessons per fortnight in Year 10 and 5 lessons per fortnight in Year 11. Students are assessed in all four skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) at the end of Year 11 and each skill is equally weighted.

    Students build on the topics covered at KS3, which are divided into three overall themes:

    1)       Current and Future Study and Employment: school, education, world of work, jobs, future plans

    2)           Identity and culture: free time, leisure activities, media, relationships with friends and family, healthy living

    3)           Local, national and global areas of interest: house and home, town, the environment, travel and holidays, festivals and traditions

    Extra Curricular

    Pupils have opportunities to take part in trips to France and Germany to experience the culture of these countries and to practice their language skills. We also offer an MFL club, where students are invited to play board games in either French or German and read magazines designed for students learning French/German.