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    Food & Nutrition

    Food and Nutrition 

    Head of Department: Mrs. E Conteh

    The teaching of Food and Nutrition involves the development of important life skills taught through a practical context, where pupils are taught to apply knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare and cook good quality food.

     At Key Stage 3

    Pupils have one lesson a week and each lesson is an hour. Pupils are taught in eight mixed ability groups.

     The main sections covered are:


    -Healthy eating and consequences of poor diet

    -Food preparation and cooking skills  

    -Health, hygiene and safety

    -Consumer awareness

    - Sustainability and environmental impact of food production

    -Where food comes from, fair-trade and food miles

     Ingredients are provided by the school for practical lessons and pupils pay for ingredients at the beginning of the year. Pupils bring containers to take their food home.

    Throughout the course hygiene and safety is emphasised and pupils are taught to use equipment safely. 

     At Key Stage 4

    Pupils have five lessons in a fortnight and they follow the Food Preparation and Nutrition Specification from the awarding body WJEC.

     Sections covered are:

    -          Food commodities

    -          Principles of nutrition

    -          Diet and good health

    -          The science of food

    -          Where food comes from

    -          Cooking and food preparation

    At key stage 4 pupils bring their own ingredients for practical lessons