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    Enrichment opportunities are designed to enable and encourage students to advance their skills, knowledge and experience in addition to their normal programme of study. There are several strands to this component and it covers scheduled and non-scheduled lessons. These include:

    Enrichment Lessons
    All Sixth Form Students come together to experience a wide variety of activities in order to develop new skills and have fun. Activities in the past have included: cooking courses, sign language, cycling proficiency, stage combat, touch-typing, Adobe Photoshop familiarisation and a host of sporting activities including golf and swimming.

    Performing Arts
    Students have been given the chance to direct performance as well as being members of the cast. This has allowed those involved to develop their management and leadership skills.

    Year 7, 8 & 9 Residential
    Opportunities exist for the Sixth Form to volunteer as leaders for the residential at Gilwell Park.

    Peer Mentoring
    Students have the opportunity to complete a two day course developing their leadership skills and ability to work with younger pupils. Students can then employ these skills in the local community, completing a placement in a primary school or working with pupils in KS3.

    Lesson Support
    Many students this year have volunteered to support Lower School pupils in a variety of subjects. It is evident that their confidence has grown and their ability to communicate with others has
    been enhanced.

    Work Related Placement / Community Service
    If a student finds an appropriate work or community placement which fits with the timetable, the school will endeavour to support this extended learning.

    If a student is aware they wish to follow a particular employment route in the future, such as teaching or nursing, they will be required to complete a work placement to access appropriate courses. Individual guidance will be given in this instance.

    Work and University Experience
    Work Experience and University taster sessions (in certain subjects) are offered as part of the summer programme. Students are actively encouraged to attend University taster days.