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    Design & Technology

    Design and Technology: Head of Department: Mr. K Reilly

    Design Technology provides balance within a curriculum base set by academic subjects by allowing the creative and practical aptitude of pupils to develop.

    Product Design is a technology subject strand taught alongside Catering within the Design Technology Department.

    Product Design at Trinity School offers a unique role within a school curriculum as it is the process of creating for a particular purpose or effect.

    Product Design is primarily concerned with generating ideas, refining and making them. It emphasises the practical capabilities by providing opportunities for pupils to develop their powers of innovation and to create solutions to given problems.

    Product Design has a crucial part to play in pupils achieving these important personal competencies and life skills within their secondary school education. It also develops pupils' awareness of communication skills whether as individuals or as part of a team

    Key Stage Three

    In Key Stage 3, the pupils gain experience designing and making in a variety of materials. This is undertaken through a variety of projects which develop their skills as they progress through the school.

    Outlined below is the current list of projects running at Trinity School:

    Year 7: Transition Projects

    The Design Process

    Key Fob
    Pencil Holder
    Wire form artefacts


    Year 8: 
    Christmas gift and packaging
    Gift Box

    Mood Light

    Year 9: Option Based Tasks

    Smart Materials: Thermometers
    Retro pinball game

    These projects are subject to change according to the ability of the groups and amendments to the schemes of work.

    Key Stage Four

    At the end of Year 9, pupils currently have a choice to pursue Product Design in Key Stage Four.

     It is a full GCSE and pupils have to successfully complete a piece of coursework along with the terminal examination. The coursework element is worth 50% of the whole GCSE.

    Key Stage Five

    Pupils have the opportunity to study Product Design at GCE: A level.

    The course is designed to encourage pupils to take a broad view of design and technology, to develop their capacity to design and make products and to appreciate the complex relations between, materials, manufacture and marketing.

    Extra Curricular:

    At Trinity School, the Design Technology Department offers a range of activities outside the normal curriculum time.

    Product Design teachers run lunchtime Technology clubs where pupils from Years 7 to 9 can design and make a variety of artefacts of their personal choice.

    As well as having an opportunity to build upon the practical skills taught during lessons, pupils also develop their interpersonal and team skills within the club.