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    Business Studies

    Business Studies: Head of Department: Mr. M Thorpe

    Do you ever wonder what is required to set up your own business?  What product or service to provide?  How much to charge the customers?  What additional finance would be appropriate?  How to calculate your profit or loss?

    Well, signing up to take Business Studies can provide the answers to these questions and many more.

    Business Studies is an option at both GCSE, Cambridge Technical Level 2 and 3 and A Level that pupils may choose.

    Exam Results

    GCSE Business Studies experiences consistent success with the performance of A*-C grades in line with the school's average.

    Key Stage Four

    The GCSE Business Studies course occupies 10% of the timetable, which is 5 lessons per fortnight.

    At this level of study our aim is to ensure that pupils:

    􀂙 Develop a general awareness of business activity and the changing environment

    􀂙 Study ‘real' business scenarios

    􀂙 Develop independent study skills through research

    Areas of study include:

    􀂙 Business management in a competitive environment

    􀂙 Objectives of businesses, the changing business environment and the criteria for judging success

    􀂙 People in organisations with a focus on their roles, relationships and management in business

    􀂙 Use of accounting and financial information as an aid to decision making

    􀂙 Identifying and satisfying customer needs in a changing and competitive environment

    􀂙 The way organisations use and managed resources to produce goods and services

    The course is broken down into two units.

    Theme 1 is worth 50% of the marks and is assessed externally at the end of Year 11

    Theme 2 is worth 50% of the marks and is assessed externally at the end of Year 11