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    Spiritual Life

    Spiritual Life

    The Trinity School Bible Verse

    ‘I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. 
    Just as I have loved you, you should love one another.’   John 13.34

    The Trinity School Spiritual Quote

    ‘Every act of kindness and compassion done for humankind is done by Christ working within us.’      
    Julian of Norwich (Changed to inclusive language)

    The Verse and Quote underpin all that we do in the Spiritual Life of the school. Some of our recent events are shown below.

    Confirmation Service 

      Our annual Confirmation Service took place on 29 January 2016. The Bishop of Rochester, James Langstaff, confirmed and baptised 10 pupils. Below is an account of the experience by Rachel Hagan-Brown from Year 11:

    ‘I wanted to be confirmed particularly because at first, I was in a very bad place and I’ve had some traumatic experiences which affected my school work and my life in general. I decided to get some help eventually because I didn’t want to live that way anymore. I was referred to Rev’d Nicky and the LSC. They helped me to get past these bad events and look towards the future. Rev’d Nicky has helped me tackle my problems on a religious side. With the help of the school I realise how blessed I am to have Jesus in my life because I believe that He led me through all of the pain and comforted me. I felt there was a void in my heart that needed to be filled and Jesus needed to be in it. So this is what led me to give my life to Christ and get confirmed. The confirmation service was very uplifting and great experience.

    More images from this event can be found within Galleries.


    Christingle Service

    Our annual Christingle service raises awareness and money for the work of the Children’s Society.  This year it was held on the day of Candlemas, so marked the presentation of Christ to Simon in the Synagogue and the end of the Christmas season. It is a voluntary service and this year, as every year, the hall was full with 250 children reverently holding the Christingle: an orange that symbolises the world, a red ribbon around it symbolising the blood of Christ, four cocktail sticks with sweets symbolising the fruit of the seasons and in the middle a candle symbolising the light of Christ in the heart of all we do. Each candle was lit and the children reflected on the work of the Children’s Society during music beautifully sung by Year 11 pupils.

    More images from this event can be found within Galleries.

    Ash Wednesday

    On 10th March Trinity School marked the beginning of Lent with a voluntary Ash Wednesday Service, a Eucharist and imposition of Ashes, in the Main Hall. 300 children were given an ash cross on their foreheads with the words;  ‘Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return, turn away from sin and be faithful to Christ.’ Tim White and Jacob Mills from Year 11 sang with guitars ‘Beauty for Brokenness’ and Jason Newall and Christie Rattigan from the 6th form sang The Redemption Song by Bob Marley. 


    Trinity School Lent Observance 2016:

    Living our spirituality as a school community means reaching out to others as well as improving our relationship with God and deepening our faith. This year we collected supplies to welcome refugees into the UK and created a symbol of our faith as community by painting a Trinity School Tree of Life.