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    Excellent examination results once again…

    Excellent examination results once again…

    Excellent examination results once again…

    This year has seen an outstanding set of results for students at GCSE and at A Level at Trinity. It has been a remarkable achievement by all concerned and is a testament to the effort put in by all pupils and staff as well as the support given by parents and carers.

    There has been a marked increase in A* - A grades and A* - B grades with pupils at GCSE achieving increased grades across the board. Particular commendations should be given to:


    At A Level:

    Megan Chambers A, B, C, b

    Chanel Hayre A*, A, C, b

    Esther Ikeije A, B, C, a

    Atlanta Porter A*, B, C, b

    Ellie Wright A*, C, C

    Oliver Wilson B, B, C, c

    Billy Mills B, C, C, c

    Jennifer Rutt C, C, C, b

    Sophie Robinson C, C, C


    At AS Level:

    Olivia Cory a,a,a

    Amber Sulivan a,a,a,b,c

    Ruby Sulivan a,a,a,b,b

    Michael Jones a,a,a,b

    Lauren Russell a,a,a,c

    Charlotte Key a,a, b,c

    Bridget Redworth a,b,b,b

    Rebecca Platt a,a,c

    Louise Harrington a,c,c

    Henry Readdy b,b,c,d


     At GCSE:


    Ogheneochuko Adeda – 2A*, 2A, 6B, Dist*

    Jacob Mills – 4A*, 6A, 1B, Dist*

    Emily Newnham – 3A*, 7A, 1B, Dist*

    Madeline Opoku – 1A*, 6A, 4B, Dist*

    Elizabeth Omitogun – 3A*, 5A, 2B, Dist*

    Siminloluwa Awotunbo – 3A, 8B, Dist*

    Favour Osagede – 8A, 3B, Dist*

    Shaniah Sanghera – 4A*, 4A, 2B, Dist*

    John Daniels – 6A, 5B, Dist*

    Charlotte Davies – 2A*, 8A, 1B, Dist*

    Laure-Ann Degrande – 7A, 3B, Dist*

    Ingrid Essama-Oguene – A*, 7A, 3B, Dist*

    Temitope Shitta – 5A*, 5A, 1B Dist*

    Ian Collins, Principal said, “This year’s examination results demonstrate the outstanding commitment and determination of students who attend Trinity. These record results will allow them to move forward with their education and their future careers. I am exceptionally pleased and proud not only of the students, but also of the staff who have supported them on their journey.”